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A Wedding in the African Bushveld

The joining of two families
the MacRae's & the Hopkins'

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Because your love and friendships have helped us become who we are, we joyfully invite you to share in our celebration of love and commitment

Craig MacRae and Katja Hopkins will be married under the Jacaranda trees, in the gardens of a very special venue! This is Colin's Horseback Africa, Craig's childhood home and an exquisite game farm which lies in the De Tweede Spruit Valley, just outside of Cullinan in Pretoria.

Dress code and syle

Farm Formal


The idea is to have a relaxed and fun atmosphere whilst getting the chance to dress up for a farm style wedding! We would like to encourage our guests to dress creatively! Summer dresses, Summer Suits, Chinos & fellies, Sandals and shorts....have fun with the theme!

Please note that this region experiences beautiful summer rains with potential thunderstorms!


Food & drinks

For the days surrounding our wedding, all food and drinks can be bought from the lodge bar & restaurant. 

For the wedding day itself we shall be providing canapés after the ceremony and shall then enjoy a farm-style buffet meal.


There will be an open bar for guests to enjoy!

You can inform us of any specific meal requirements you have on the RSVP form. 


Children are welcome at our wedding but parents should take note that the venue is a wildlife reserve and therefor has inherent hazards. Parents should take extra care of their children and make sure that children are never unsupervised. We shall create a safe children's area and are also trying to arrange for babysitters to keep an eye out for the little ones so that adults can relax and have a good time.

More information to be shared closer to the wedding.

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